Power Pros Collab details

Yes that baseball collab happening at the same time as Master Duel.

Yugi Muto, Seto Kaiba and Anzu Masaki/Téa Gardner arrive at Power Pros!

Yugi’s unique bonus is “I’ll gamble with my life!”

Kaiba’s unique bonus is “Funsai! Gyokusai! Daikassai!” (one of the catchphrases of Kaibaman, meaning “pulverize, honorable defeat, great ovation”, marveling at the power of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon)

Anzu/Téa’s unique bonus is “Heroine with an unyielding spirit”

We get to see some interactions between the game’s characters and Yugi:

Yugi commands Dark Magician to use “Dark Magic”

It seems that in this world, the monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh can be materialzed, so Yugi used that for his advantage (probably for something related to a baseball game)

And since baseball also counts as one type of “game”, naturally the King of Games “can easily adapt” to it.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Collab Celebration Campaign
1) Receive 1 “PR [Dark Magician] Yugi Mutou” and 20 Power Stones as a present for login in!
2) Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Collab Celebration Login Stamp is now available!
3) Success Consumption SP decreased!
4) Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Collab Celebration Kaiba Challenge is now available!
5) Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Collab Celebration Anzu/Téa Challenge is now available!
6) Daily Challenge rewards increased!
7) 99 “Calorie Bars” available to use for Namiki’s limited BOX Campaign!
8) Probability for “Gold Match Tickets” increased!

Joey/Jounouchi-kun’s Yaminabe is now available!

If this…cauldron? with an ominous face appears, you have a change to get [Dark Magician Girl] Anzu Masaki!

Left: 2 items can be obtained from this cauldron!

Right: Simple strategy method: Complete tasks and increase the contents of the cauldron, reducing the Success and Stadium completion time.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Collab Celebration
Ten 10-roll free gacha for a total of 100 rolls!
After the 3rd PR or higher, you’re guaranteed to get one among:
[Dark Magician] Yugi Mutou
[Blue-Eyes White Dragon] Seto Kaiba
[Dark Magician Girl] Anzu Masaki

Once per day per player, resets at 3:00

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Collab Event is now available!

Clash! Yu-Gi-Oh High School
The “Yu-Gi-Oh! High School” appears as a rival team in the Success and Stadium modes!
Aim to get the SR [Dark Magician Girl] Anzu Misaki

Buster Tournament Kai
Aim for a high spot in the ranking and obtain a PSR [Dark Magician Girl] Anzu Misaki

And here we have a sample of everyone’s favorite Magician Girl pitching in-game:

For people who participate in the Pawaspi Point Club, you can obtain this exclusive Dark Magician Girl figure and exclusive collab sleeves (70 u.):

Irl look at the figure:

The official twitter account for the game also posted pictures of the characters with a parody quote:

Yugi Mutou and Dark Magician: “So you’re joining the baseball club and aiming for the Koushien, huh?”

Seto Kaiba and Blue-Eyes White Dragon: “In this baseball stadium where we face each other, the winds of battle are surging! Forever!”

Anzu Misaki and Dark Magician Girl: “Stop already! He already had 3 outs ages ago! The Duel is already over!”

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