[OCG] WCS2017 Commemorative Card Set Present Campaign

A campaign releasing those 3 special foiled Japanese cards at a later time. And the cover card of Extreme Force has its artwork revealed!

【Present Contents】
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 Commerative Card Set
“Dark Magician Girl” (Holographic Rare)
“Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon” (Secret Rare)
“Monster Reborn” (Ultra Rare ※Overseas Artwork)

【Applicaation Method】
With the first edition boxes of “Extreme Force”, the Official Card Game Booster Pack going on sale October 14th, 2017, there will be a postcard to apply to get one of these set that you can mail with a 62 Yen Stamp. Boxes will be marked and identified as having the postcard.

【Campaign Date】
October 14th, 2017 ~ November 30th, 2017

【Shipping Date】
Mid December 2017


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