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Jump Victory Carnival News!

Sleeves, a Database App, and like 2 different anniversaries, and new anime, esketit.

Duelist Card Protector Six Attribut Set
On Sale October 19th, 2019
3500 Yen
6 Cards in Secret Rare Foiling (The Six Charmers)
6 Sets of 70 Sleeves

Konami is holding a campaign to turn 10 cards into 20th Secret Rares in a Special Campaign Pack for release in October that will have the cards be voted on in July~August .

Konami will be holding an All Card Gallery in Osaka (Mid October), Nagoya (Early November) and Tokyo (Mid November) showing off all 10,000 existing cards.

Kanan the Sword Mistress will be given out as a promitional card.

Project Code Neuron Beigns!!

Project code: Neuron
A Must-Have App for Duelists!!

* Deck Registration by Image Recognition
* Card Search
* Life Point Calculation

Other Functions Are Being Planned!

Project Neuron has advanced card recognition software allowing it to figure out any cards in like a pile, and do it in a mass sweep.

Interestingly, this could be related to this. There is no indication currently that the App will be available outside of Japan.

In Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Animated Series
A New Animated Series Is Officially In Production
And It Will Start In 2020


Source: Jump Victory Carnival Live Stream


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