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[OCG] [Philippines] A wild SP Format appears! (July 11 – July 12)

I came… again… to post things.

Greetings to your faces, it’s been a while. I suppose this is the part where I’m supposed to apologize about being gone, failing to report on a whole saltwater format, and enumerating my reasons why. But few to none would care about it anyway, so I won’t.

In any case, here I am, half-enthusiastic and half-sleepy bringing the first of hopefully many more fun reports about the current Asian OCG tournament format, the dreaded SP Format.

For those who have missed the whole deal about what this SP Format is, it’s basically explained in the Konami Asia Website (on this page), but I’ll bring out the important bits below:
1) Only [cards from] products listed here may be used for the tournament. (requires PDF viewer)
2) Any version of a card in the listed products mentioned above are permitted.
3) The latest April 2015 [OCG] Forbidden Card List (unchanged for July) will be used for this event.

The list provided will be effective from July 01 to September 30 this year. With that out of the way, expect the builds to be really, really limited to what you were used to seeing in any OCG reports we have posted in the past. But one can always agree that there may be elegance in simplicity.
July 11 Robinsons Galleria Pod 1A SP
Winner: Xavier Dominique Alindayu
Deck: Tellarknight

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July 11 Robinsons Galleria Pod 3B SP
Winner: Stychen Tan
Deck: Nekroz

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July 11 Robinsons Galleria Pod 2A SP
July 11 Robinsons Galleria 4A SP
July 12 Robinsons Galleria 1 SP
Winner: Yno Clacio
Deck: Tellarknight

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July 12 Robinsons Galleria Pod 2 SP
Winner: JM Pornete
Deck: Juragedo Yosenju

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What do you think about this set rotation format imposed on the non-Japan-non-South-Korea Asian territories? This is the first time Konami did this to the game so we’re literally receiving the short end of the stick. I would also greatly appreciate to hear from more Asian players from other places on how they’re trying to adjust to this current format. I need you to come… post your comments below.


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