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[Duel Links] Duel Island -Gladiator- (July 2018)

Andal returns, this time offering cards from his own theme.

The event is an improved repeat of the previous Duel Island, in which you Duel people around the world.

“Gladiator Beast Darius” and “Gladiator Beast Equeste” are the chief prizes to aim for this event.

Changes since the last version

  • The more you Duel in the event, the higher chance of you appearing on the map of players.
  • Each friend on your list will only appear once per Day.
  • If your Stage Level is under a certain Level, Standard Duelists will appear
  • The Defending Deck will immediately change on other maps.
  • The amount of points you can obtain has been increased.

  • You can obtain EXP from the event. You can obtain Bonus Points 5 times a Day from the event.
  • Stamina and Stamina Potions are now AP and AP Potions
  • Maximum AP increases by increasing titles.
  • AP Potions will now only restore a max of 5 AP
  • AP will not be restored via Ranked Duels
  • Ranked Duels do however provide AP Potions.
  • EXAP can be bought at the Shop during the event.

  • Gladiator Beast Andal will appear as a Tresspasser from the start of the event.
  • The Level of an Intruder is based on your current Title.
  • You can draw 10 times from the Lottery for free.

Defending Decks will Auto Duel with other challenging Duelists

  • Select a Duelist on the Event Map and Duel their Deck.
  • You can reload if you find the map lacking.

  • Obtain Event Points and Lottery Coins from these Duels. The more Event Points you get the more prizes such as Cards or Gems.

Obtain Cards, Gems and Gold from the lottery.

You can only have one Defending Deck at a time, and it cannot use Skills.

AP allows you to challenge Duelists on Duel Island but decreases by one each event. It’s restored every 30 minutes. You gain more AP each time you gain a new title.

EXAP is provided by the EXAP Charge and is reduced by 1 when your AP is 0. You obtain EXAP by purchasing the EXAP Charge.

AP Potions restore your AP by 5.

EXAP gives you 8 EXAP that are used when your AP is 0.

As you Duel through the Event, monsters may appear as opponents who drop more Event Points and Lottery Coins than regular Duelists

Event Points and Lottery Coins

These are earned from Dueling. You can obtain Bonus Points via Dueling in the event each day.

As you accumulate Event Points you get more Titles. More Titles mean more AP.

Event Rewards

2500: 1 AP Potion
5000: 30 Gems
8000: 10 R Jewels
12000: 30 Gems
16000: 20 R Jewels
20000: Gladiator Beast Retiari & Duel Island Challenger Title
25000: 20 R Jewels
30000: 30 Gems
40000: 5000 Gold
50000: 30 Gems
60000: Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus & Duel Island Adventurer Title
70000: 1 AP Potion
80000: 20 R Jewels
90000: 30 Gems
100000: Card Sleeves: Duel Island -Gladiator-
110000: 5000 Gold
120000: 30 Gems
130000: 8000 Gold
140000: 40 R Jewels
150000: 40 Gems
170000: Gladiator Beast Equeste
190000: 1 AP Potion
210000: 40 Gem
230000: 8000 Gold
250000: 1 SR Jewel
270000: 8000 Gold
290000: Game Mat: Duel Island -Gladiator-
310000: 1 AP Potion
330000: 50 R Jewels
360000: 50 Gems
390000: 10000 Gold
420000: 1 SR Jewel
450000: 50 R Jewels
490000: 10000 Gold
530000: Gladiator Beast Tygerius & Duel Island Master Title
570000: 40 Gems
610000: 1 SR Jewel
650000: 12000 Gold
700000: 100 R Jewels
750000: 50 Gems
800000: 1 SR Jewel
900000: 12000 Gold
950000: Gladiator Beast Darius & Duel Island Conqueror Title
1000000: 50 Gems
1050000: 15000 Gold
1100000: 1 UR Jewel
1200000: 15000 Gold
1300000: 1 UR Jewel

Lottery Reward Cards

Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard (UR)
Gladiator Beast Darius (UR)
Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus (SR)
Phantom Beast Cross-Wing (SR)
Phantom Beast Wild-Horn (SR)
Dark Crusader (SR)
Gladiator Beast Equeste (SR)
Gladiator Beast Tygerius (SR)
Chain Destruction (R)
Saber Beetle (R)
7 Colored Fish (R)
Pyramid Energy (R)
United Front (R)
Gladiator Beast Retiari (R)
Gladiator Taming (R)
The Statue of Easter Island (N)
Space Mambo (N)
Dokurorider (N)
Revival of Dokurorider (N)
Terrorking Salmon (N)


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