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“Players4Players” Playmat Product Review – We Approve

We were approached by a small group of players in November. They seemed interested in providing a product to the community, so we looked into their product.

I told them:

If you send a sample to the Organization, we would review the sample quality and speak of it to our readers.

They have now provided their sample. I shall now speak to you of it. I am quite pleased.

Follow me beyond the breakpoint to learn more.


The Organization is not an easy group of people to satisfy: of the Organization, I am by far the harshest critic.

Do not take it lightly when I say that I am considering buying one of these playmats for myself.

The following picture showcases the two current colors available: be sure to check the alt-text of the photos to obtain links to the much-larger much-higher-quality photos taken to showcase the full detail of the mats.

Original image at

Thickness and Surface Feel

We report the mat is about 5 millimeters high, perhaps the width of an envelope in terms of thickness.

It has what I’d call a nice carpet-like feel, very soft. It’s definitely not something I’d compare to the playmats I’ve borrowed from friends before, which feel more like mousepads than like velvet. The feel is similar to a “Spellground”.

Cards stay put when you want them to stay put, and they’re easy to pick up when you want them moved. This mat capably meets my needs.

Table Grip

The underside of the mat is also similar to a Spellground underside. However, these P4P mats are single-player: you don’t need to fold them in half like how you’d need to fold a Spellground most of the time, so the P4P mat will slide around much less than a folded Spellground. Ultimately, this P4P mat is more convenient than the alternative.

Field Reactions

It wasn’t enough for me to have a crack at the mat myself: I decided a sort of cursory examination of player opinions was in order.

We dispatched a mat to Number XI of the Organization, who then took the mat to his locals several times.

The reaction was rave and ravenous: players have already made several offers to buy the mat from him.

Verdict and Price

The mats by P4P seem to be very affordable and very convenient alternatives to the popular Spellgrounds, delivering similar quality without unneeded bulk.

On behalf of the Organization, I give this product our official endorsement.

The price for the current style of P4P mat is 25€ – for our USA friends, that’d be about $34.44, and for our CDN friends, that’d be about $36.60.

Shipping to the US and to Canada is about $4.

You can find P4P on Facebook here.

Be sure to tell them the Organization sent you: use the code “YGORG1” in your order, for free shipping…

Original image at

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