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[Europe] Official Wall Scrolls

A promotion being done in conjunction with North European Official Tournament Stores. (Also Israel)

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Wall Scrolls: Available at your nearest Official Tournament Store!

The best way to get involved in competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! is to take part in local tournaments!

In each country, Konami selects a number of gaming and hobby stores to become Official Tournament Stores (OTS). These are where you can take place in local tournaments, Sneak Peeks, WCQ: Regional Qualifiers and more!

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Wall Scrolls will shortly make their appearance in Official Tournament Stores*, and you have a chance to win one! The exact way to win one of these Wall Scrolls varies per store; some will offer it as a randomly-drawn prize to everyone who takes part, whereas others may award theirs to winners. Please check with your local OTS to see how they will offer their Wall Scrolls to you!

*This promotion is currently limited to OTS in the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom.



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