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[20AP] Dueltainment

The card meant to reflect Yuya’s Entertainment style is revealed from 20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave

20AP-Jp060 エンタメデュエル Entame Duel (OCG: Entertainment Duel/TCG: Dueltainment)
Field Spell Card
(1) If this card is in the Field Zone, each time each 1 of these conditions is fullfilled in one turn by a player, that player draws 2 cards, once per turn for each.
● Special Summon 5 monsters with different Levels at the same time.
●A monster they controlled battled 5 times.
● They activated a card effect that is Chain Link 5 or higher.
● They rolled a die and/or flipped a coin 5 times.
● Taking damage so that their LP becomes 500 or less.



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