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[ARC-V] Chapter 34 Cards

Reminder, these aren’t confirmed for release in the official card game, let alone with these effects.

Phantasm Emperor Trilojig
Level 10 Fusion Monster
ATK 4000
DEF 4000
When a monster is Special Summoned from the GY, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of an opponent’s monster.

No.XX インフィニティ・ダークホープ  Number XX: Infinity Dark Hope
Rank 10 Xyz Monster
ATK 4000
During battle, you can detach 1 Overlay Unit to halve Battle Damage, and if a monster was destroyed, Special Summon that monster from the GY.
Choose 1 of your Special Summoned monsters, during the end of the turn, gain Life equal to that monster’s ATK.

スモーク・モスキート Smoke Mosquito
Level 1
You can activate when you take Battle Damage. You can halve that battle damage and Special Summon this card from the hand, then end that Battle Phase.
Once per turn, this card’s Level becomes the same as the Level of a monster on your field until the End Phase.

エクシーズ・ウィング Xyz Wing
Equip Spell Card
The equipped monster can use an effect that requires using an Overlay Unit an extra time.
When the equipped monster destroys a monster, inflict 500 damage to the opponent.




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