Catch All Of Your Opponent’s Sneak Attacks With “Owlchannel”! [RD/KP15]

And then hit them with one thunderous blitzkrieg from above! Or… draw things out with endless Trap Cards!

RD/KP15-JP031 オウルチャンネル Owlchannel
Level 4 LIGHT Winged Beast Effect Monster
ATK 1100
DEF 400
[REQUIREMNT] Can be used if your opponent controls 2 or more cards by sending the top card of the Deck to the GY.
[EFFECT] During this turn, you take no damage from the effects of your opponent’s Trap Cards, then, you can choose 1 Winged Beast monster with 2200 ATK in your GY and add it to the hand.

Note: This is a play on オール‐チャンネル (All Channel), a type of TV receiver that can receive VHF and UHF signals.

Note: At current, this card’s only targets are “Lightning Voltcondor” and “Night Vision the Phantom Pigeon”


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2 thoughts on “Catch All Of Your Opponent’s Sneak Attacks With “Owlchannel”! [RD/KP15]

  • October 7, 2023 at 7:38 pm

    While this card is obviously meant to be used in Voltcondor strategies (and meets the requirements of Voltegg and Voltchick’s effects), it is generic enough that every Deck now has a viable out for Magic Cylinder.
    Also prevents abuse in other Winged Beast themes by only recovering 1 of 2 targets – none of which are Raiza, the Harpie Ladies, nor Harpuia.
    Not bad.

  • October 7, 2023 at 10:38 pm

    Mmmmm. I’m not going to lie, I was hoping for some support for High Tech Dragon (like Spindle Dragon) or something for Chemicalize to be revealed today. However…. Let’s continue with the Lightning Voltcondor Hype, baby!

    Either way, the next Episode looks like it will be focused on Jointech and Space (adding even more insult to the fact that we won’t have Space Yggdrago or Deep Space Yggdrago until a future Megaroad Pack 3). It is also very possible that we know what Darkness Jointech Tyrant does or will do.

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