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[SEVENS] More Information from the March 21st Special

More characters get revealed and an episode preview.

The following two profiles have been provided by DMC from Neo Ark Cradle.

VA: Kamakura Yuna (Ghost Girl’s VA)
The student council’s vice president. She assists Gakuto with the student council’s duties and enforces discipline at Goha Seventh.

Oomori Menzaburo
VA: Nagumo Daisuke

A fifth grader from Goha Third Elementary School. He’s a ramen lover, and his deck includes cards that have to do with ramen. He dreams of creating new rules that fuse ramen and Dueling together one day.

President Goha/Mr. Goha
The president/CEO of the worldwide mega corp, Goha Corporation, who has expanded into multiple business fields, including one heavily focused on Dueling. He always wears a mask, and none of his staff, even the topmost executives of the company, have ever seen his face.

An episode clip showing Yuga trying to hack his Duel Disk and failing miserably.


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