Cardfight Coalition

On Transparency and Konami Influence

Earlier today, the Organization twitter account posted a tweet

It’s important to note that prior to this tweet, the Organization (and DuelistGroundz) administrators were contacted and asked to advocate this stream and potentially (there is some ambiguity here) emphasize that extraneous streams may affect the future of streamed events all together.

As a group that reports news it is important to be transparent – and where a counterpoint may exist (and in this case it very evidently does, as Konami has not provided any metrics or solid data on what would constitute a ‘failure’ viewer count of their stream), it is not ethical to promote one agenda over another without indicating vested interest or advocacy we have received in advance, hence the necessity to mention that this advocacy was at least partly at the behest of a Konami employee.

We hope we’ve made any opaqueness clear, and apologize for any ambiguities.

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