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[OCG] More Reprints For Tournament Pack 2020 Volume 4

That should be related to Blazing Vortex, World Premiere Pack 2020, the Dragunity Structure Deck and other Fall 2020 Products.

20TP-JP406 Archfiend Heiress
20TP-JP407 Galaxy Worm
20TP-JP410 Tri-Wight
20TP-JP411 Painful Decision


Previous Confirmed Cards Are:

20TP-JP403 Barrier Statue of the Storm Winds
20TP-JP404 Mist Valley Baby Roc
20TP-JP409 Platinum Gadget
20TP-JP411 Fire Formation – Tensu

Source 1

20TP-JP405 Fabled Grimro
20TP-JP408 Fabled Ragin
20TP-JP413 White Veil
20TP-JP414 Reinforce Truth

Source 2

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