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[OCG] Yu-Gi-Oh! Day August 2016

It’s happening the weekend Destiny Soldiers is released.

It’s being held August 6th to 7th, 2016

You have to buy 5 packs of Destiny Soldiers to enter.

Participants get 20 Yuto and Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon Sleeves (not Dark Rebellion!)

3 Rounds of 1 Duel Matches.

It’s an update of last Month’s Concept Duel format.

With the following update:

You must use 3 copies of the following: “Predator Plant Fly Hell”, “Predator Plant Moray Nepenthes”, “Predator Plant Squid Drosera”
You can only have Plant-Type Monsters in your Main Deck
You must have 2 or more copies of “Polymerization” in your Main Deck



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