[OCG] VJump at last!

Will update as more news on assorted pack / movie details pop up.

First off, Gold Series 2016
Next, more Felgrand Structure reprints
Then we have Yu-gi-Oh! day news
And key chain goods….
And now we’re getting news about an event in Yokohama…
details on the new smart phone game emerge!
Movie pack finally gets formally announced.

Assorted reprints are:
Blue-Eyes cards! Like Maiden with Eyes of Blue and Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon!
Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
Number 101: Silent Honor Ark
Dark Paladin!

Structure Deck R reprints
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Dragon Ravine

YGO Day News
If you win YGO day, you get a special deckbox.
If you lose in YGO day, you’re allowed to switch decks and try again.


Some special event in Yokohama
Asks to check the Arc V website for more details later.

Duel Links information
The game will use a Freemium model for iOS and Android devices

It advertises being able to duel anytime, anywhere, on your mobile smart phone. Exactly what kind of dueling experience? Yet to be seen. Interesting though that the glimpse we’re shown at the game has the life points set to 4000. Possibly coincidental, but possibly not.

April’s Movie Pack officially announced!
All 45 cards in the pack are brand-new!

Stay tuned for a 3-page spread on the movie! Once that hits the internet.

Maxut be Fly-getting

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