[OCG] V-Jump on Primal Origin

New cards are introduced this month for Primal Origin, but don’t expect effects. Shueisha doesn’t want you to know them yet.

Genjyuuki Olion (Mecha Phantom Beast Olion) (Based off of the Orion Spacecraft and a Lion.)
Ankokukai no Kishin Keruto (Kelet, Ogrelord of Dark World)*
*In Japanese, the English word “skeleton” can also be used to be mean “transparent”

Gladial Beast Augustal (Gladiator Beast Augustal)
Haze-Beast Hydra (Hazy Flame Hydra)

Gusta no Shin’ei Pirika (Pirika, Lineage of Gusto)
Scrap Factory (Field Spell Card)

Madolche Angelly/Anjelly
Koakimeiru no Kongoukaku (Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru)


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