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[OCG] Sales Information About Gold Series 2014

Gold Fever

Gold Series 2014
Goes on sale in January
1 Pack costs 150 Yen
4 Cards in each Pack (1 Card will be Gold Rare)
1 Box contains 20 Packs
The set contains 20 Different Cards (All 20 Cards come in Gold Secret Rare as well)

The culmination of the Gold Series!! The 2014 Gold Series edition has appeared!!

● This is one of the products for the 3rd “Rubber Duel Field Present Compaign” promotion.
● The number of cards / pack price ratio has been changed, making it easier to buy more.
● The top cards from votes on the official Home Page will be included! Completely new cards and cards released first in the Trading Card Game are included!
● Gold Cards in Gold Series 2014 comes with not only a Gold Card Frame and Illustration Frame, but also the Gold Secret Rares that were included in Gold Series 2013, which were well-received.
● Popular cards that were widely used in Duels in the past have been included. Since each card is highly useful and will be helpful in building your Deck, this is a Product that appeals to a wide range of players.



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