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[OCG] Rule Master Meeting

So the Ruler Masters have apparently two meetings to learn how to jadge better.

Rule Master Meeting

Qualifications to participate:
If you are a volunteer judge willing to participate as a volunteer judge at various events
* Forewarning, not every volunteer judge will be able to participate though Konami will be choosing judges for these events.

What will be happening at this meeting:
– Training
– Sharing of details
– A friendly tournament

– Tokyo and Osaka (Meeting to be held from 9 AM to 6 PM) (If Tokyo and Osaka are difficult to go to, Konami would like to be informed of where they can hold these meetings in the future)

What Rule Masters will need:
– Certification that you’re a Rule Master
– Writing Instruments
– Your Deck

(There are no rewards for participating. You have to pay on your own dime for transportation.)



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