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[OCG] Primal Origin Event News

Konami has released some new news about Primal Origin on their official website…

“Primal Origin” Commemorative Sales Campaign
Starting on February 15th, 2013, while supplies last, for every five packs of “Primal Origin” you buy in Japan, you’ll receive a Promotional Pack contains 2 Promotional Cards! There’s two different packs, one pack for General Stores and one for Convenience Stores.

The General Store Pack contains the following 6 possible cards:
– Line Monster K-Horse
– Duckfighter
– Vivid Knight
– Fishborg Doctor
– Panzer Dragon
– Floatress

The Convenience Store Pack contains the following 4 possible cards:
– Interplanetarypurplythorny Beast
– Madolche Chickolates
– Satan Claus
– Pilgrim Reaper

“Primal Origin” Commemorative Sales Event
In honor of the release of Primal Origin, Stores Authorized by Konami will be able to hold a competition in order to win a Rubber Dueling Mat featuring “Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon”! The events will be held at accredited stores on Feb 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd.

Each store gets two mats for the event. One mat will be handed out to a winner, and another to a participating player via a lottery.

Players will purchase 5 or more packs of “Primal Origin” at the participating store (Japanese Packs contain 5 cards) and use them in your Main Deck.
Players are to play with a Main Deck of 40-60 cards, and must include 20 or more cards from the ones they purchased, the rest must be made up of cards they have on hand.
The only cards from Primal Origin you can use are the ones from Packs you bought that day.
Extra Deck cards you pull do not count towards the 20 card requirement, even if you put them in your Extra Deck.
You will have 15 minutes to construct your Deck. During that time, you are allowed to buy more packs.
Players are to use the Official Card Game’s February 1st Limit Regulations.
You may not be allowed to participate if too many people are attending.
For further details, check with your local Konami Friendly Shop (in Japan)

Primal Origin’s 81st to 90th cards will be exclusive to Official Card Game Territories only (except South Korea, since they don’t count.)


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