[OCG] Official Events To Restart In June

With Japan lifting its state of emergency, Konami is trying to restart events.

About General Events:

Events are to restart in Japan on June 1st 2020

However, they come with the following restrictions:

  • Ensure seating that follows social distancing guidelines, stores and events are to restrict the number of players available at a time based on this.
  • To ensure droplets not spread onto opponents, everyone is to wear masks at all time, and install acrylic plates and so such between players and opponents as needed.
  • Stores must provide hand sanitizer to use upon entering and leaving the store
  • Stores much be regularly ventilated
  • Tables and chairs must be regular disinfected
  • Do not shake hands at the start of a match
  • No trading allowed within venues
  • No spectating


About Ranked Events:

  • For the current period (April to end of June), all local and national rankings will be null, and no Special Playmats will be handed out.
  • Opponents do not get the option for last cut.
  • You cannot touch your opponent’s cards, if you are concerned about Banished or Graveyard cards and so such., ask your opponent to show and disclose contents.
  • Don’t go to events if you feel sick
  • Please follow orders of the store staff.


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