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[OCG] November 2016 Yu-Gi-Oh! Day

The Concept Duel format continues again.

It’s being held on November 12th and 13th, 2016. You have to buy 5 packs of Booster SP: Fusion Enforcers to enter.

It continues to be a Concept Duel format where you play a Deck based on an anime character’s theme/gimmick.

The update to the Decks are solely to Yuri:

  • The monsters in your Main Deck can only be “Predator Plant” monsters
  • You can only have Fusion Monsters in your Fusion Deck.


Each participant gets 20 sleeves of one of the above.

  • Yuya & Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
  • Yugo & Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
  • Yuto & Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon
  • Yuri & Starving Venom Fusion Dragon

Later, after the end of the event, players will play Rock-Paper-Scissors. The winner gets to pick one of the above following four Sleeve themes.

Source 1

Source 2 (Concepts)


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