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Concept Duels require you to run 5 or more cards in your Main Deck of a Specific Theme to qualify.

September 21st to November 15th, the themes are:
– Ghostrick
– Vampire
– Battlin’ Boxer
– Spirit Monsters
– Gogogo
– Dododo

Starting on October 19th, you can also choose:
– Shark
– WATER-Attribute Winged Beast-Type monsters

If you participate in a Concept Duel using Gogogo or Dododo, you’ll get a Yuma Token!
If you participate from October 19th with Sharks or WATER-Attribute Winged Beast-Types, you get a Shark Token!!
If you show that you have a Yuma Token when you’d get a Shark Token, you also get a Kaito Token!!

Consecutive Rubber Mat Campaign, more information here:



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