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[OCG] More Jump Festa 2017 Clarifications

About events.

Firstly, the Summoning Chant event is specifically reiterating the summon chants from the TV show in the best performance possible.

Secondly, as to the Duel Links events:

  • There’s a general 1-on-1 Duel Zone.
  • A general 4 person tournament zone.
  • A Women’s Only 4 person tournament zone.

Winning in the General 1-on-1 area gets you 2 points, losing gets you 1 point.

Participating in the tournaments gets you two points.

For Prizes you can get for exchanging points, there’s:

2 Points: Special Pin (Blue)

4 Points: Special Pin (Red)

6 Points: Special Pin (Gold)

10 Points: Special Protector (Maintenance Blue-Eyes) *Digital Only Item


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