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[OCG] Grand Creators Site Artwork

More monsters revealed!

Besides the “Soul Saving Xyz”, the new monster from the TCG Site, and Amazing Dragon, the header artwork for “Deck Build Pack: Grand Creators” shows two new monsters, a rock monster with a giant battle axe, and an elven(?) sorceress who also has appeared on the artwork of a “Key Card That Starts An Adventure”

Also, the pack artwork:

The slogan for the pack is 煌めく世界を創り出せ!(Create a glittering world!)

The catchphrase for P.U.N.K. is ド派手にいくゼ!己が魂(ソウル)を響かせる!!, something along the lines of “Here’s something super flashy and gaudy! Let me blow you away with My Soul!!”



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