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(OCG) Further “Prohibition” clarifications

Fresh from the database.

Following the previous card text update for Prohibition in the OCG, we now have further information from the official database card page for Prohibition, expanding on what each individual restriction means:


■The effect that reads “(1) Apply these effects to all cards whose original name is the card name you declared. (This does not apply to card(s) that are already on the field before this effect started applying.)” does not start a chain.
■ For the case when a Spell or Trap Card name is declared, “•They cannot be placed on the field.” includes setting them on the field.
■ For the case when a Spell or Trap Card name is declared, “•They cannot be activated, nor can their effects be activated or applied.” includes not only the card activation, but also the activation of its effects.
■ “•They cannot be Summoned or Set.” also includes Setting a monster or Special Summoning it face-down. (note: “Setting” a monster here is manually placing a monster from the hand in face-down Defense Position instead of Normal Summoning for the turn).
■ “•They cannot attack, nor can they change their battle positions.” does not include battle position changes due to card effects.
■ “•They cannot be used as material for a Special Summon that requires materials.” includes Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Link Summoning.

Source: Prohibition’s ruling page in the (Japanese) Official Database.