[OCG] First Look at Pendulum V Pack

It’s the next V Jump Edition Pack (which will reach players’ hands in August)…

For a reminder, this Pack contains:
– EMヘイタイガー Entermate Heitaiger (Heitai is something like Soldier, so something like Entermate Soldatiger)
– EMジンライノ Entermate Jinraino (Jinrai is roughly Thunderclap, so something like Entermate Thunderhino)
– DDD制覇王カイゼル DDD Seihaou Kaiser (Roughly DDD Caesar the Conquering King)
– DDプラウド・オーガ DD Proud Ogre (This is a Pendulum Monster)
– DDプラウド・シュバリエDD Proud Chevalier (This is a Pendulum Monster)

Effects will likely be revealed in this month’s V Jump.

Source: V Jump’s Official Website


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