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[OCG] More Duelist Festival 2017 News

A continuation on this.

For OCG Players attending the Duelist Fesitval, they’ll get 10 Packs of a new Promotional Pack that includes 5 new cards and 1 new Token Card, and have 12 Cards in Total. We’ll of course list what’s in this new pack when it becomes known to the general public.

Attendees with Duel Links will get a special Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Festival 2017 Special Duel Field & Protector

The OCG Corner of the event includes an “A Zone”, “B Zone” and “C Zone”.

For each zone, you get the following awards based on the cards.

A Zone / Win: You Get 2 Packs / Lose: You Get 1 Pack

B Zone / Win: You Get 1 Pack / Lose: You Get 1 Pack

C Zone / Win: You Get 1 Pack / Lose: Nothing

If you win in the C Zone, you go to the B Zone, if you win in the B Zone, you go to the A Zone

If you lose in the A Zone, you go to the B Zone, if you lose in the B Zone, you go to the C Zone

Duels in the OCG Zone are Best of 1 Duels, no Side Deck

The Knights of Hanoi Invasion Corner is a Duel against the OCG Instructors wearing the Knights of Hanoi outfits. Those are also Best of 1 Duels.


At the Duel Links Corner, you’ll be able to get your hands on Special Pins, Stickers and the Promotional pack.



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