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[OCG] Duel Tournament 2017

Essentially something similar to the Local Legends Duelist Series or the Ultimate Duelist Series, sorta kinda.

Basically events will be held at stores in the regions

  • Hokkaido
  • Kanto
  • Tokai
  • Kansai
  • Kyushu

This event will operate on a standard tournament style with the current OCG Forbidden & Limited List for Japan. No weird Best-of-1 Duels

Participants will get 1 current Tournament Pack.

Participating stores will be handing 1 set of Yusaku & Decode Talker Special Card Sleeves (20 Sleeves) for every 2000 Yen worth of product being sold. (i.e. roughly 20 US Dollars)

The finals for each region will be held at their respective Duelist Festival 2017.

And will be a standard tournament.

The winner of each region will get a Winner’s Trophy and 3 sets (i.e. a Play Set) of the 3 World Championship Commemorative Set cards (i.e. Dark Magician Girl, Monster Reborn, and Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon.)

Second Place for each region will also get 3 Sets of those cards (but no trophy)

Participants for the event’s finals get the following:

  • 20 Promotion Packs (Duelist Festival 2017)
  • 1 Event Exclusive Rubber Duel Field “Cyberse”
  • 1 Event Exclusive Rubber Duel Field “Trickstar”
  • 1 Event Exclusive T-Shirt



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