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[OCG] Catapult Turtle Errata

What’s old is now rather new. Konami has decided to change a classic card.

DISCLAIMER: Beware that VJump is notorious for having really random faulty information for no apparent reason. I’m sure that most people remember the Lightpulsar Dragon fiasco that happened, so don’t take this to mean that this is 100% confirmed to happen until we see the actual card.

One of the classic monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Catapult Turtle, is getting a text errata based on magazine spoilers. The change will become official from the reprinting of the card in Memories of the Duel King: Duelist Kingdom Version.

Basically, Catapult Turtle retains its classic Tribute burn effect, but it’s now limited to once per turn.

Speculate among yourselves why this is happening.



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