[OCG] Artifact Lore

So you want to know the back-story of one of the latest Decks?

From the Primal Origin Booster Pack Guide

From The Journal of a Certain Archaeologist
[X Month, X Day]
Finally discovered the legendary relics
I made camp in the unexplored land beyond the rugged mountains.
But I awoke, with a light sense of dizziness, in the middle of a strange place housing curiously huge objects.
[X Month, X Day]
Opened The Treasure Vault, Met “Caduceus”.
The structure is a “Treasure Vault”. Standing inside of it was a young lad holding a rather odd staff, who calls himself “Caduceus”. He informed me that he had been waiting for me.


Theosophy of the Artifacts (The Treasure Vault)


– Artifact Moralltach
Caduceus: Proud of his terrifying ability to cut and slice everything before him in twain, he serves as our ‘attacker’.


– Artifact Beagalltach
He and “Moralltach” form a pair. He possesses a mighty sword, as well, that can bring down any foe with a flick of that blade.

– Artifact Failnaught
Caduceus: No matter where we are, this fellow is capable of always hitting their target. in fact, Failnaught’s arrow has never missed, not even once

– Artifact Aegis

Caduceus: She uses her gigantic body and her ability to create a special forcefield to protect us from disaster and any who would dare do us harm.

– Artifact Achilles

Caduceus: He’s the cornerstone of our defense. No attack on earth can possibly harm him, and as a result, any foe who dares fight us has quite a hard time getting through.

– Artifact Labrys
Caduceus: Contrary to her fearsome appearance, she’s quite tender-hearted, but hates any who would do us harm. But she especially doesn’t forgive those who harm Aegis.

– Artifact Caduceus
Caduceus: Myself. I retain the knowledge of all that exists. It is my greatest joy to impart knowledge to others. I don’t mind what you ask me.
[X Month, X Day]
Various Things Have Become Clear From Talking With Caduceus
They call themselves the “Artifacts”. They appear when these odd, complex mechanical timepieces are inserted into the relics. I will attempt to describe what Caduceus told me…


>Weapon-wielding Spiritual Body
Caduceus In the past, these bodies were created, primarily using the memories of those who wielded us most skillfully. They have no name.


> The Legendary Weapon
Caduceus: This is what could be called “ourselves,” I suppose. We have been given the names of weapons wielded by the heroes of times gone by.


> The Weapon’s Power Source?
Caduceus: This is the “*#$%&.” In the language of humans, the word “crucible” describes it best.
[X Month, X Day]
The Key To Their Power Might Be “Memories”…
A few days have passed. Although they’ve been quite friendly to me, from time to time, they act as if they’re trying to remember something. Could memories be the key to their power?
Artifact Movement
Caduceus: Hm. The condition of the “crucibles” doesn’t seem too good. We’re going to require some fresh “*#S” soon… perhaps?


#> Legend of the “Memory-Severing Sword”
Apparently there is another relic in this treasure vault, known as “The Memory-Severing Sword”. When I asked “Caducues” if he knew where it was, he just shook his head.

Artifact Moralltach / Artifact Beagalltach

Since it’s a sword, perhaps it’s related to “Moralltach” and “Begalltach”…?
[X Month, X Day]
The Hidden Power of the Artifacts
For several days, I questioned Caduceus about the existence of another relic. One day, instead of answering my question, he pulled the two swords out.
#> The Relics Can Transform and Combine!
The two relics split apart instantly! And then, they combined into one!


Artifacts Unleashed
Caduceus: I can’t grant you the knowledge you desire, but that doesn’t meant I can’t tell you this. Let me show you another ability we have. The Artifacts are capable of functioning on their own, but they’re also capable of combining the power of multiple units.

Artifact Durandal
Caduceus: This is the “Memory-Severing Sword” that you seek, its name is “Durandal”. However, regretfully, our discussions must come to an end. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to impart knowledge to a human, and it was quite the pleasure. Though you’ll forget about us, we will never forget you. As proof, this memory will… … …

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