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[OCG] A look into the future

Very little information has been reported via the V-JUMP magazine about upcoming OCG products.

First, we have the November set: Legacy of the Valiant:

“The Next Pack includes “Bujin” and “Ghostrick”!”
“The New Booster that comes out in November contains more cards that expand “Bujin” and “Ghostrick” for you to obtain! Also, there’s plenty of cards that support existing themes and there’s new archtype(s) as well!

Date: November 2013.

“The Title of the December Structure Deck Revealed!”
“The December Preconstructed Deck is titled “[Kikouryuu Shuurai]”! The details are unclear at the moment, but based on the name “[Kikouryuu]”, it isn’t hard to imagine the Deck’s Trump Card is a “Cyber” monster…!?”

Note: “Kikouryuu” (機光竜) literally means “Mechanic/Light/Dragon”. Shuurai (襲雷) would be a lightning strike. We are dubbing it CYLIGHTDRACHE BLITZ.

Date: December 2013.
Total cards: 42.
Includes a Rulebook and a Playmat.


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