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[Duel Links] Mission Circuit Event

Win Duels to gain Points to complete Laps to earn Rewards. In this round you can win new SR card, “Necroid Synchro”.

Available until September 9 2019.


How to Play

Complete Missions to race around the circuit.

You can obtain points by completing the Missions and your Duel Runner will move forward based on the points you have received.

You can complete 1 lap for every 100 points. Race around the circuit to get Treasure Box Rewards and Lap Rewards.

Today’s Missions 

Example from August 30 – changes every day.


Missions will be updated everyday at 05:00 (GMT).

You can play Missions as many times as you want, even completed ones. You can earn points every time you complete a mission.

Try out the Event-related Missions as well.

*The Mission will not be completed if you surrender a Duel.

*You cannot gain any Rewards or points from Duels against the Vagrant.

Treasure boxes

Rainbow Treasure Box Rate Increased

(24 hours only)

Between the following dates, the drop rate of Rainbow Treasure Boxes containing Gems will increase:

Aug 31 – Sept 1

Sept 3 – Sept – 4

Sept 8 – Sept 9

Lap Rewards 

Players will obtain Rewards based on the number of laps they complete.

Bonus Item – Stardust Dragon

When you obtain the Bonus Item “Stardust Dragon”, the points you get in the next Duel will be multiplied by 5.

Recommended Rewards

200 Laps – “Necroid Synchro” [SR]

250 Laps – Game May: Mission Circuit

Example of Today’s Treasure Box 

The following Rewards are obtainable from today’s (Aug 31) Gold Treasure Box:

Lap Rewards 

You can obtain Gems, Coins, Booster Crystals, and Jewels (x14 Rare, 2x Super Rare and 1x Ultra Rare).

You can obtain cards on 7 laps:

25 Laps – Mystical Sheep #2 [N]

50 Laps – Ushi Oni [N]

75 Laps – Searchlightman [R]

100 Laps – Guiding Light [R]

125 Laps – Wingweaver [R]

175 Laps – Risebell the Star Adjuster [SR]

200 Laps – Necroid Synchro [SR]

and at 250 Laps you can obtain the new Mission Circuit Game Mat.

The final Laps Reward is at 350 (obtain UR Jewel).

Gold Treasure Box

One of the following Rewards is available at random from the Gold Treasure Box:





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