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Proplica Duel Disk Announced.

A new Duel Disk is announced, but it’s one intended for big boys and girls.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! brand has given the rights to develop a new Duel Disk to Bandai, under its Proplica brand, which has made everything from Keyblades, to Sailor Moon compacts, to even the Dominator from Psycho-Pass. But noteworthy is these are extremely high quality end goods, designed for use for adult collectors and cosplayers.

It’s cited the new Duel Disk will be able to fit Official Card Game Cards in sleeves, something the older cheaper Duel Disks could not do, and it will have a shiny finish.

Price of similar goods are 7,000 Yen upwards, but considering its size, 12,000+ to 20,000+ Yen is much more likely.




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