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[Card Lore] A Krawler Story

From the Circuit Break guide from last year, we present the full lore of Krawlers.

The Mystery of the “Krawlers” Connected to the “World Legacy” Draws Near!

We’re unveiling the hidden story of the “Krawlers”, a one of the many mysterious new themes debuting in “Circuit Break”.

The Territory of the “Krawlers”

Mechanical lifeforms called the “Krawlers” multiply in the land where “World Legacy – “World Armor”” sleeps. With forms far too diverse to be called monomorphoic lifeforms, it’s believed they are the result of accelerated “adaptive radiation”, i.e. the rapid diversification of organisms into different evolutionary forms. They exist as a super-organism that work in parallel with one another using a unique Neural Network, and no member of the Krawlers has their own sense of identity. In the past, some parts of the Krawlers became extremely violent, but though it’s recorded they did attempt to invade the “Celestial Forest”, it’s uncertain why they did. If they lack an sense of self, what kind of ‘will’ is interfering with their behavioral principles to cause this?

The Land Where The “World Armor” Lies

There is a Legacy, or Relic, of the “Celestial Deity” of the World, that lies in the center of the vast wetlands that are the territory of the “Krawlers”. It is known as “World Legacy – “World Armor””. Although its exact connection with the “Krawler”s whose territory centers around the great vast wetlands is unknown at the moment, there are theories that the fact the “World Armor” exists is related directly to the “Krawler”s existing and the creation of the wetlands themselves. It is known that the “World Armor” periodically and regularly has a dark light that emanates from it, and it seems individual “Krawler” flicker at the same cycle as this light, but the details are unknown. At the same time the “World Chalice” came in contact with the girl “Crowned by the World Chalice” in the “Celestial Forest”, the “Krawlers” began to swarm around the “World Armor”. Twenty four hours later, what “Auram the World Chalice Blademaster” and his friends saw before them once they arrived at the vast wetlands, guided by the “World Chalice”, was the earth covered in the hordes of the “Krawler”s, glowing with crimson lights.

The Horde Covering The “World Armor”

The red-stained earth. A light that spelled danger glowed from the countless “Krawler”s swarmed around the “World Legacy – “World Armor””. The “Krawler”s Linked to the “World Armor” via the Network rapidly evolved further, and some even mutated into brand new species. These mutations caused “X-Krawler”s to form, one after another. The “Krawler”s expanded their Neural Network, which increasingly centered on the “X-Krawler”s. Although the intentions of the “X-Krawlers”, who continue to multiply at an accelerating rate, are unknown, they are protecting the “World Armor”, and their behavior of eliminating intruders is already far beyond normal biological instinct, so there’s no doubt they have hostile intentions.

Those That Seek The “World Legacy”

“Auram the World Chalice Blademaster” and his friends were surrounded by the horde of “Krawler”s with the “X-Krawlers” at the heart of everything. “Auram” and “Imduk the World Chalice Dragon” were steadily cornered despite fighting as hard as possible. But things got better as “Lee the World Chalice Fairy” determined the weaknesses of the “Krawler” horde. Aiming for the “X-Krawler(s)” that had become their control tower(s), they managed to silence most of the “Krawler” swarm. Breaking through the hordes of “Krawlers”, the three hurried towards their friends they had been cut off from during the fierce fight, but no one noticed the minor change that happened to “Lee”.

The Eerie Shadows Quietly Make Their Moves

Meanwhile, “Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior” and “Ib the World Chalice Priestess”, who got separated from “Auram” and the others, found themselves stuck in the midst of an rather large horde of “Krawlers”. Believing that “Auram” and the others would come to help, “Ningirsu” fought hard to protect “Ib”. However, shortly after reuniting with their comrades who finally arrived, “Ib” is caught by mysterious figures different from the enormous swarm of “Krawler”s. Chasing after “Ib”, who had been abducted, a new battle is about to begin for her and her friends.


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