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[OCG] Tournament Pack 2020 Volume 2

The reprinted cards for Spring 2020 Tournaments in the OCG are revealed!

20TP-JP201 Gateway to Chaos
20TP-JP202 Interrupted Kaiju Slumber
20TP-JP203 Gaia Plate the Earth Giant
20TP-JP204 Koa’ki Meiru Drago

20TP-JP205 Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms
20TP-JP206 Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest
20TP-JP207 Disciple of Ra
20TP-JP208 Frightfur Kraken

20TP-JP209 Flower Cardian Moonflowerviewing
20TP-JP210 Gear Gigant X
20TP-JP211 Fairy Knight Ingunar
20TP-JP212 Frightfur Patchwork

20TP-JP213 Obedience Schooled
20TP-JP214 Beginning of Heaven and Earth
20TP-JP215 The Sanctified Darklord
20TP-JP216 Slime Token


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