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[OCG] Tournament Pack 2018 Volume 3

Including cards useful for Soul Fusion and other summer products.

18TP-JP301 Armageddon Knight
18TP-JP302 Circle of the Fire Kings
18TP-JP303 Spirit of Flames
18TP-JP304 Strike Ninja

18TP-JP305 Gearspring Spirit
18TP-JP306 Windrose the Elemental Lord
18TP-JP307 Gravekeeper’s Oracle
18TP-JP308 Condemned Maiden

18TP-JP309 Kaminari Attack
18TP-JP310 Makiu the Magical Mist
18TP-JP311 Chaos Zone
18TP-JP312 Fusion Conscription

18TP-JP313 Spiritual Fire Art – Kurenai
18TP-JP314 Fusion Reserve
18TP-JP315 Gokibore
18TP-JP316 Black Feather Counter



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