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[SR09] Structure Deck R Warrior’s Strike Full Contents

Every card. And it’s a lot of FIRE, Gemini and Warrior

SR09-JP001 God Phoenix Gearfried (Ultra Rare)
SR09-JP002 Sublime Knight – Expaladin (Super Rare)
SR09-JP003 Flame Noble Knight Roland (Normal Parallel)
SR09-JP004 Phoenix Gearfriend
SR09-JP005 Darkstorm Dragon
SR09-JP006 Evocator Chevalier
SR09-JP007 Heavy Knight of the Flame
SR09-JP008 Knight Day Grepher
SR09-JP009 Blazewing Butterfly
SR09-JP010 Chemicritter Carbo Crab
SR09-JP011 Knight of the Red Lotus
SR09-JP012 Valkyrian Knight
SR09-JP013 Noble Knight Joan
SR09-JP014 Blue Flame Swordsman
SR09-JP015 Rose, Warrior of Revenge
SR09-JP016 Goblindbergh
SR09-JP017 Fairy Tail – Rella
SR09-JP018 Maxx “C” (Normal Parallel)
SR09-JP019 Vylon Sphere
SR09-JP020 Rainbow Kuriboh
SR09-JP021 Gearbreed (Normal Parallel)
SR09-JP022 Superalloy Blade of Raptinus (Normal Parallel)
SR09-JP023 Catalyst Field
SR09-JP024 Supervise
SR09-JP025 Assault Armor
SR09-JP026 Magnum Shield
SR09-JP027 Noble Arms of Destiny
SR09-JP028 Overdone Burial
SR09-JP029 Cursed Bamboo Sword
SR09-JP030 Golden Bamboo Sword
SR09-JP031 Reinforcement of the Army (Normal Parallel)
SR09-JP032 Gemini Spark
SR09-JP033 Dark Factory of Mass Production
SR09-JP034 Parallel Twister
SR09-JP035 Gemini Ablation (Super Rare)
SR09-JP036 Battleguard Howling
SR09-JP037 Gemini Booster
SR09-JP038 Gemini Trap Hole
SR09-JP039 Rocket Hand
SR09-JP040 The Deep Grave
SR09-JP041 Evocator Eveque (Ultra Rare)
SR09-JP042 Cross Over (Super Rare)


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