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[Book Review]Deeply Flawed, with Some Great Points: Hoban’s “Road of the King”

My Organization and I, from time to time, have reviewed various products created by players and for players.

Today, two of us will share our impressions of a new product.

Today’s product is Road of the King, by Patrick Hoban.

(This is not to be compared with Road of the King, a popular and esteemed online blog – nor with Road of the King, the in-universe movie from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s about Jack Atlas’ origins.)

The page count is near 500, and the price is near $25 USD. It isn’t a tiny text, nor a bargain book, but at least the page count tells you that the author has tried to give you your money’s worth.

The question is, has he succeeded?

I’ll start off with my own personal review of the book. It’s a long review, but the book itself is very long too, and it’s important for me to justify my review of the book.

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Next up is Dan’s review. He was sure to keep his brief, for those who don’t want to read as much.

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Our two reviewers are in agreement: the product has good points and bad points, and they cannot recommend that customers buy the book without being warned ahead of time of its flaws.

Patrick Hoban’s Road of the King is a deeply flawed piece of work with some great points. If you do choose to buy it, we hope you enjoy it. We enjoyed parts of it.

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