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[Rush Duel] Character Pack -Gakuto/Roa/Romin-, Red-Eyes Sleeves

The other characters from Sevens get a pack for themselves, while the Red-Eyes Rush promotions continue.
A booster pack with cards used by characters from the SEVENS anime has been announced for September 19th 2020. This pack will include cards used by Gakuto, Roa and Romin and can be used with cards from other products to build powerful decks. Sleeves featuring “Red-Eyes Black Dragon” will also be released on the same day. Further information will be in V-Jump and Saikyo Jump.

Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL Character Pack -Gakuto/Roa/Romin-
Release Date: September 19th 2020
Price: 150 Yen(excluding tax) per pack of 5 cards
1 Box includes 15 packs

Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL Duelist Card Protector – Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Release Date: September 19th 2020
Price: 450 Yen(excluding tax) per pack of 70 sleeves



Number V in the Organization and a frog and/or Eva's body double. That other translator guy who likes all the cutesy archetypes and makes puns for card names and stuff. Doesn't really play Frogs, surprisingly enough.