New Playmats (TCG and OCG)

From various events.

First, for the TCG mats, a couple mats have been announced for the prizes of the Remote Duel Extravaganza, to be held on the weekend of July 22nd.

The Extravaganza Mat, featuring the Rescue animals:

Mats for Jaden Yuki + Elemental HERO Flame Wingman and Aster Phoenix + Destiny HERO – Plasma for the Speed Duel side-event:

And the Win-A-Mat prize featuring Yugo + Crystal Clear Wing Synchro Dragon:

This and more info about the event and prizing can be found at the FAQ of the event.

For the OCG mats, these will be awarded as prizes for the top players of Ranking Duel during the July-September period.

The Black-Winged Assault Dragon will be awarded to the National top 800 players, while the mat featuring War Ninja Meisen and the other new Ninja will be awarded to the top 1200 players of each region/area.


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