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New Judge Program playmats for 2019

Please try to relax, I’m afraid it’s been…10 years.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Judge Program under Konami, new playmats have been announced for those volunteering to take the mantle:

This Summon Sorceress mat will be the usual judge playmat for the current time period.

While these Harpie Elegance and Trickstar playmats will be travel assist playmats (these are given out as extra compensation for judges that travel long distances to attend events). You can find the 10th anniversary logo for the Judge Program in all of these playmats.

These mats will be offered at high level events such as YCS, UDS and WCQ tournaments. These rewards are at least confirmed for KDE-US territories. Stay tuned for news about news about KDE-Europe info.

Source: Official Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Page.