New Japanese “Duel Monsters” Era Goods

The eternal beginning gets more goods, such as a Tote Bag.

2WAY Tote Bag (2 Different Bags)

Release Date: Late September 2021
Price: 2750 Yen
Maker: カイッタクファミリー

Acrylic Logo Stand (2 Different Versions)

Release Date: August 2021
Price: 1500 Yen for a Jumbo Size; 1200 Yen for for Mini Size
Maker: Bandai

Popoon Series

Acrylic Keyholder (10 Different Versions): 715 Yen

Clear File: 440 Yen

Toon World Taste Deformed Series

Pass Case (3 Different Versions): 1980 Yen

Acrylic Keyholder (9 Different Versions): 715 Yen

Maker: Amnibus

Source: V Jump

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