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New Cospa Goods!

Even more Yu-Gi-Oh! Swag for your Life Style

B2 Tapestry: 3190 Yen
Winged Kuriboh & Duel Academia Emblem: 1760 Yen
100 cm Tapestry: 6050 Yen
Acrylic Stands: 1430 Yen
Acrylic Keyholder: 880 Yen
Waterproof Sticker: 550 Yen
T-Shirts: 3190 Yen
Large Tote Bags: 1980 Yen
Full Color Mug Cup: 1650 Yen
Sash: 1100 Yen
Face Mask: 1870 Yen
Mask Pouch: 1980 Yen
iPhone Case: 2750 Yen
Eye Mask: 1540 Yen
Cushion Cover: 2200 Yen
Roll Top Back Pack: 8800 Yen
Flat Pouch: 1540 Yen
Smartphone Ring: 1980 Yen

By spending 5500 Yen on Yu-Gi-Oh! Product on Cospa’s website from December 1st to 20th, you can get Acrylic Stands of the characters, Super Deformed style!

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