Cardfight Coalition

New COSPA Goods for ARC-V and VRAINS

It’s a crisis of options, really.

B2 Tapestries: 3190 Yen
100cm Tapestries: 6050 Yen

(Yuya, Yusaku, Takeru, Ryoken, and Ai (Human Form))

Cushion Covers (Yuya, Yuto, Yugo and Yuri)
2200 Yen

Acrylic Key Holder (Yuya’s Pendulum Necklace)
1870 Yen

Yuya Shoulder Bag
1100 Yen

Acrylic Stands
(Yuya; Reiji; Yuya SD; Yuto SD; Yugo SD; Yuri SD; Yusaku SD; Ryoken SD)
1430 Yen

Ai (Humanoid)’s Earrings
3140 Yen

Duel Disk & Ai Keyholder
2200 Yen

Knight of Hanoi Emblem Keyholder
1650 Yen

Knight of Hanoi Emblem Synethic Leather Card Case
2420 Yen

Cafe Nagi Shopping Bag (Large Tote Bag)
1980 Yen



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