NECH blurry checklist posted

It’s not in Spanish, but it might as well be in Penguinese…

Aside from the core set cards (001-080) and the Sneak Preview promo Lancephorhynchus (000), we can see some card types for TCG premieres and OCG imports:

081: TCG premiere Spell Card
082: TCG premiere Effect Monster
083: TCG premiere Effect Monster
084: TCG premiere Effect Monster
085: TCG premiere Synchro Monster
086: TCG premiere Trap Card
087: TCG premiere Effect Monster
088: TCG premiere Effect Monster
089: TCG premiere Spell Card

090: OCG import Effect Monster
091: OCG import Effect Monster
092: OCG import Effect Monster
093: OCG import Effect Monster
094: OCG import Spell Card
095: OCG import Xyz Monster
096: OCG import Xyz Monster
097: OCG import Effect Monster
098: OCG import Effect Monster
099: OCG import Xyz Monster

Considering some leaks, recent trends and just plain advertising, you probably know which ones they are…

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