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NECA/WizKid’s Exclusive and Official Card Game Wallet

Any of you ever wanted to get officially licensed Yu-Gi-Oh! accessories to go with your cards and mats?

Well, NECA/WizKids is holding a Kickstarter to fund an officially licensed Yu-Gi-Oh! Game & Card Wallet, which will be ready at some point in 2014. Along with it as donation gifts are T-Shirts, Thermal Mugs, Dog Tags, and other goods. The designs are beautiful and the wallet itself is well designed for all of your tournament needs.

The wallet contains a small bag for dice, two pen holders, a window to display your photo or COSSY ID, exterior card sleeves so you can display cards easily, and a pocket that’ll fit smartphones and small calculators. The material is water resistant, and the zipper is high quality.

Elite Edition Game Wallet
Elite Edition Game Wallet

The donation rewards are tiered, so, the more you donate, the more you will receive in return for your support. The rewards are extremely lucrative, and even include exclusive gear that you can only ever receive for donating on the Kickstarter page.



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