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“Infinity Chasers” Anime Announcement and Previews

My infinity chase has just begun!


Schmitta, a young girl who longs to join the legendary crafts guild “Witchcraft” has finally made her way to the famous city of Endymion, but what awaited her there on the renowned artisan quarter known as the Witchcraft Bystreet was a crafts guild completely different from her expectations! A cute little pottery maker, a gentle soothing painter, a gal-type jewelry maker, and a couturier who doesn’t talk. The biggest surprise is that the legendary witch, Master Verre is actually a lazy little thing who spends more time sleeping than working! What’s going to happen to Schmitta’s dream? Find out this spring in the new TV anime series, Infinity Chasers!


Director: Kimura Ryuuichi
Series Composition: Kamishiro Tsutomu
Studio: Studio DEEN

Schmitta: Sakura Ayane
Potterie: Saito Chiwa
Pittore: Uesaka Sumire
Edel: Hikasa Youko
Haine: Ueda Kana
Verre: Minase Inori
Le Mat: Kakihara Tetsuya
Master Cerberus: Ootsuka Akio
Endymion: Sugita
Wind Witchcraft: Kaneda Tomoko

Opening Theme: インフィニティ・チェイス (Infinity Chase) by Jam Project
Ending Theme: 愛に時間を (Ai ni Jikan wo; Time Enough for Love) by Porno Graffiti and TOMMY

On Air Date:

May 7th, 3000


Mom, I’ve finally made it to Endymion! Things looked weird at first, but I can’t wait to start my new life here! What’s this, I’ve gotta take an entrance exam!? No one told me about this!! Next time, Episode 2 “Examcraft! What it Means to be an Artisan”, my infinity chase has just begun!

Mom, I made it, I’m finally part of Witchcraft! Thank you so much Poterie-Chan! What’s this, Edel-Sempai is challenging me to a duel!? I don’t know what I did, but I’m so sorry sempaiii!! Next time, Episode 3 “Duelcraft! A Sparkling Challenge”, my infinity chase has just begun!

Mom, I finally got Edel-Sempai to recognize me! I’ll try even harder at my new smithing position from now on! What’s this, Pittore-San’s gone missing!? This is no time to work a furnace! I’ll help too!! Next time, Episode 4 “Searchcraft! The Secrets of the Mythic Lab”, my infinity chase has just begun!

Mom, I’m so glad everything turned out okay! The birthday party was a huge success! What this, Haine-San’s a slump!? I don’t know much about fashion, but I’ll gladly be your model!! Next time, Episode 5 “Sewcraft! Endymion’s Request”, my infinity chase has just begun!

Mom, Master Endymion was super pleased with the result! I wonder what he wants all those magic infused robes for though… What’s this, Master Verre wants to talk to me alone!? Maybe it’s finally time for my one on one lesson!! Next time, Episode 6 “Glasscraft! Guild Master’s Duty”, my infinity chase has just begun!

Mom, I don’t know what’s going on, but all of a sudden I’m getting selected to be part of the team to compete with the Spellbook School! I’ve just been here for 3 months though! What’s this, I’m elected to be the leader of the team!? Waaa, I can’t do thiiiiiiis!! Next time, Episode 7 “Spellcraft! Endymion Magic Competition”, my infinity chase has just begun!

Mom, my piece actually made it to the semi-finals! It’s all thanks to everyone helping me! What’s this, Mat-Kun has collapsed!? Forget about the contest, we have to help him!! Next time Episode 8 “Darkcraft! Endymion’s Dark Side”, my infinity chase won’t be deterred by this!

Mom, Endymion is getting attacked by some unknown enemy! Don’t worry, I’ll stay safe! What’s this, Poterie-Chan has been kidnapped!? I won’t let you hurt my friends, give her back!! Next time Episode 9 “Creationcraft! Rise of the Golem Army”, my infinity chase won’t be deterred by this!

Mom, the Witchcraft Bystreet was destroyed by rampaging golems! I don’t have time to be sad right now, I have to go find my friends!! What’s this, Haine-San, what are you doing!? No I refuse to believe it, there’s no way that’s true!! Next time Episode 10 “Drapecraft! An Unbelievable Truth”, my infinity chase won’t be deterred by this!

Mom, Haine-San was actually blackmailed by Master Endymion! I can’t believe this entire invasion was all part of his plan!! I won’t let you hurt anymore innocent people! What’s this, Edel-San is badly injured!? Master Verre is the only one that can help! Next time Episode 11 “Collabcraft! Verre’s Final Magic”, I won’t let everyone’s infinity chase end here!

Mom, Master Endymion was actually after the secret Scrolls Master Verre was guarding! I don’t know what’s in them, but I’ll guard them with my entire being!! What’s this, Pittore-San, who’s that person!? I don’t know who you are, but if you’re on their side, I’ll show you the power of my art!! Next time Episode 12 “Windcraft! The Lost Artisan”, I won’t let everyone’s infinity chase end here!

Mom, Master Endymion was actually being controlled by Aleister and the Evil Eye of Selene! What’s this, portal to the zenith world!? I don’t know what that is and I don’t care!! I’m here to protect my dream, and the dream of everyone else! I have my friends from Witchcraft, Mat-Kun, and everyone from Mythic Lab supporting me, we can’t possibly lose!! Let’s go!! Next week Final Episode “Witchcraft! The Missing Masterpiece”, this is our infinity chase!!!

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