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More Pictures and Info from MCM London Comic Con

Or: About nifty Duel Links goodies and other assorted facts.

Various pictures of the Konami Booth at MCM London Comic Con.

An example of one of the western Duel Links demo tablet. (Notably smaller than the ones used at Japanese Events (and apparently European YCSes) ones often paraded in pictures, that for some reason are the size of a person. )

Three Skills for Speed Duels were demonstrated at the Comic Con Demo there. (Neither of Mai’s revealed skills were used.)

Winning a Speed Duel Demo gets you a pack of Battle Pack: Monster League

Two wins at the Duel Links Demo gets you this:

A Duel Links themed Pin

Four Wins gets you:


A double sided coin based on the one used for Coin Tosses in Duel Links

6 Wins gets you this Duel Links Playmat which still uses ARC-V era Field design

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