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More Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution news

Including a…strategy guide?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
Legacy of the Duelist:
Link Evolution

Release date: April 25th, 2019
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Card Game Battle
Price: 3000 yen (without tax) *Digital Version only

A Duel Game for the Switch using the New Master Rule!!
This is the first Duel Game based on the OCG for the Switch. This title is sure to excite fans, with the largest collection of cards since the past games and the introduction of characters from the most recent anime, (Yu-Gi-Oh!) VRAINS.

(1) Since it includes the New Master Rules, you can enjoy Link Summoning!!

It’s the first game to introduce the Link Monsters that debuted in VRAINS. You can also use the most popular, strongest monsters in the OCG like Borrelsword Dragon or Sky Strikers.

(2) Duelists from across the series make an appearance!!
Duelists from each generation of the anime series, from Duel Monsters to VRAINS gather around. In the Story Mode, you can follow various duelists through the story of each anime and battle with them.

(3) Battle with people from all over the world in online battles!!
You can Duel against rivals from all over the duel and show off the Decks that you have created within the game. Aside from Ranking Duels, you can also play with special rules, building decks only from designated booster packs.

Release simultaneously with the game! Aim for the fastest completion time!!
Legacy of the Duelist Strategy Guide book, on sale on April 25th (THU)!!
Includes duelist data for over 100 characters from Duel Monsters to VRAINS!
Featuring a card list of approximately 9000 cards!
Comes with a copy of the Link Monster “Progleo”!

Link 2 LIGHT Link Monster
It has Left and Right Link Arrows
The effect box is [SECRET]

Source: V Jump

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