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More Decklists from YCS Sydney

Everyone I know is pleased about how things have gone. The head judge in particular is elated: Oceania came out in force for its first YCS, and we hope to see more of them soon.

The Organization has friends in far-flung places, boots on the ground at every backstage, and eyes and ears everpresent.

We’ve already posted about the winner’s deck. Some acquaintances of ours at High Level Gaming have obtained some additional decklists from the event, and wish to share them with you. Join me behind the cut to view them.

Hamish Poole – T8 – Mix Fire Fist

Chester Swords – T16 – Mix Fire Fist

Ryan Nelson – T16 – Mix Fire Fist

Christopher Giang – T16 – Harpie

Jimmy Lam – T32 – Mix Fire Fist

Christopher Short – T32 – Mix Fire Fist

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